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Central girls, Strasburg boys place high in meet

Posted 2018-09-20 By Larry Beazley

    Central’s girls and Strasburg’s boys finished second in an Eastern Mennonite high school invitational meet last weekend involving 25 varsity teams.

    Warren County High took first place in boys and girls competition that included runners from 28 public and private high and middle schools.

    In the girls competition, Warren County took first place with an average time of 23:37.40 while Central was second with an average time of 24:02.20 and Strasburg was fifth with an average time of 25:37.40.

    Falcons top five runners were Jacyln Cardoso (3rd 22:45), Ashley Dodd (5th 22:54), Aliyah Kibler (9th 23:180, Olivia Wightman (23rd 23:59) and Hannah Dellinger (31st 26:15)

    Strasburg’s top five performers were Abby Davis (15th 24:15), Eva Long (16th 24:25), Summer Marcondes (27th 25:38), Mary Carter (29th 25:54) and Debra Dillman (45th 27:55).

    In boys varsity competition, Warren County again took first with an average time of 18:53.20.  Strasburg was second with an average time of 19:39.80, while Central finished fourth with an average time of 19:54.60)

    Top five finishers for the Rams were Anthony Cadle (8th 19:19), Tyler Zimbro (11th 19:31), Zach Ritchie (12th 19:32), Joshua Knight (21st 19:470 and Dylan Baker (27th 20:10).

    Central’s top five runners were Anthony Piselli (14th 19:37), Dylan Summitt (15th 19:38), Shawn Purdy (19th 19:43), Johnathan Cardoso (22nd 19:50), and Juan Rojas (37th 20:45).

    In the girls developmental meet (formerly jayvees), Leah Henshaw of Madison County won first place with a time of 25:30.

    Strasburg top five were Kaleigh Baker (4th 28:50), Brittany Coffelt (5th 29:04), Bonnie Shye (7th 29:13), Madelyn Kennedy (12th 30:34) and Sierra Richards (13th 31:40).

    Central’s top five were Cameron Baker (2nd 27:49), Elizabeth Jeffrey (3rd 28:34), Michaela Black (8th 29:28), Emily Bowman (10th 30:04) and Sasha Hoover (11th 30:22).

    Zane Clark from Warren County took first place in the boys competition.

    Strasburg top five were: Nathan Cadle (8th 21:56), Austin Bullard (12th 22:57), Cameron Froemel (13th 22:58), CJ Davis (19th 23:33), and Aidan Keller (29th 25:07).

    Central’s top five were Caleb Holloman (3rd 20:37), Berandon Gwyn (10th 22:17), Isaiah Craun (16th 23:10), Jordan Hoover (22nd 24:13), and Aram del Junco (28th 25:07).

    The top five middle school girl runners from Peter Muhlenberg Middle were Laniah Hoover (12th 15:17, 8th grade), Emma Click (13th 15:23, 8th grade), Asia Hoover (33rd 16:27, 7th grade), Samantha Lineweaver (48th 17:29, 7th grade) and Peyton DiNardo (61st 18:05, 7th grade).

    Top five girls from Signal Knob Middle were  Macy Smith (22nd 15:51, 7th grade), Paige Hiserman (32nd 16:25, 7th grade), Claire Keef (55th 17:43, 7th grade), Felicia Colvin (78th 18:51, 6th grade), and Emma Stiener (82nd 19:18, 8th grade).

    Top five boys from Peter Muhlenberg were Tyrone Dale Holland (14th 13:55, 8th grade), Benjamin Walters (15th 14:01, 8th grade), Hayden Pence (22nd 14:15, 7th grade), Zachary Cooper (28th 14:23, 8th grade), Ryan Artz (63rd 15:42, 8th grade).

    Top five Boys at Signal Knob were Holden Mrizek (95th 17:03, 8th grade), Britton Albert (97th 17:23, 6th grade), Austin Cadle (98th 17:25, 6th grade), Jason Peterson (123rd 18:52, 6th grade), and Landon Torp (136th 20:26, 8th grade).